JeannewithballAfter years of counseling families, I realized that I was not asking enough of my own. Oops. I was wearing too many hats, juggling too many things and robbing others of opportunities to give. When I over-functioned, I invited others to under-function which was a clear vote of no confidence.

It was hard to admit that my pursuit of perfection was getting in the way of what I wanted most for my loved ones – a greater sense of contribution, connection, competence, confidence, consideration and communication. I re-examined my thoughts about generosity and recognized myself as a greedy giver. Ouch.

I began to invite others into the process of giving and discovered a “Do Good-Feel Good Spiral” that took on a life of its own. Aha. When we do good, we feel good which inspires more doing and feeling good. Those who feel good tend to raise others up rather than tear them down. It’s that simple.

Watch me read Greedy Gracie Shares the Happy

The Do Good-Feel Good Spiral expanded and so did my vision for a world that values participation over perfection and cooperation over competition. I created a lively cast of characters, children’s book and traveling musical to start a new conversation about kindness and inclusion. Thousands of children are learning, along with Gracie, that great leaders and friends make sure that everyone has a seat at the table, a place on the team and a role in the planning. Yay!

While I’m still a New York State Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I hung up my other hats as Parenting Coach, Columnist, Speaker and Blogger to become Chief Happiness Officer of Greedy Gracie™ and Live On The Give brands. I’m getting better at delegating as our team finds new and exciting ways to help you, your family and friends SHARE THE HAPPY every day.

– Jeanne Rollins

Our Team

Marshall Toppo
Talented musician and music teacher at Osborn Elementary School in Rye, New York. Marshall composed the upbeat and catchy music for the Greedy Gracie Shares The Happy musical.

Jason Summers
Artistic Director at the award-winning Westchester Sandbox Theatre in Mamaroneck, New York. Jason produced the Greedy Gracie Shares The Happy musical bringing the script and songs to life. His professional casts of kids has performed for more than 10,000 students and campers in Westchester, Long Island and Lower Connecticut.

Jason Stout
Creative Director at The Austin Chronicle. As illustrator of the book, Jason brought a lively cartoon feeling to our cast of characters.

Karen Barry along with the help of Carrie Lewis
Flywheel Creative continues to energize and organize our characters, brand and message by designing our logo, web-site, products and promotional/classroom materials.

Bill Cusano
Story Wizard at Cusano Marketing has been behind the scenes since Greedy Gracie’s conception providing colorful and creative support in design, videography and photography.

Chuck Rollins
My husband, best friend, biggest fan and angel investor. Chuck inspires me to hold the vision and enjoy a level of optimism that borders on delusion.

Melinda Stein
My bright and beautiful friend helps me stay true to my message while constantly tweaking its delivery.