Teaching patience requires, first, that we learn it ourselves because the truth is that our children do as we do and not as we say.

After becoming impatient while sifting through articles on patience, I realized that I have work to do when it comes to developing a habit of patience – the type that’s consistent and steadfast rather than erratic and situational.

The following articles share ways to help children (and ourselves) better tolerate frustration, more comfortably delay gratification and, in the process, appreciate the waiting period and process involved in everyday tasks and larger accomplishments. It should come as no surprise that patience and gratitude work hand in hand.

  1. Family Values: How Kids Learn Patience (BeliefNet)

  2. Five Tips for Teaching Patience (Scary Mommy)

  3. Good Character for Kids: How to Teach Patience to Your Kids (iMom)

  4. Relearning the Lost Skill of Patience (The Atlantic)