Meet Greedy Gracie

She wears too many hats, juggles too many things and fancies herself the “Can-Do Queen.”

A relatable character struggles with asking for help and sharing responsibility. Gracie’s storyline teaches valuable lessons about Friendship, Leadership and Teamwork, and her message promotes Kindness and Inclusion.

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Greedy Gracie Shares the HappyThe Book

You may love giving but it’s just as important to receive. That’s a lesson Gracie learns in “Greedy Gracie Shares The Happy”.

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The Musical

spicewood-animal-hospital-austin-vet-clinic-videoNew musical performed by kids visits elementary schools to teach lessons about friendship, leadership and teamwork.

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Printable Calendar

Explore how kids Can Be INCLUSIVE this month! Download September or the whole year for a different value each month.

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Share the Happy Stories

The children had such a great experience and the teachers were able to work it into their curriculum. Older students made “Be Kind” bracelets with the younger children before the show! Outstanding!
Beth Torreano, Principal , Hillside Grade School New Hyde Park, New York
When I was running an event at my child’s school I did my best not to be a Greedy Gracie.  I assigned people jobs to do.  I held a visual in my head of me wearing all the hats and I just knew that if I did- they would be too heavy on my head!
Christine G., Pre-School Teacher And Parent

poof-the-bunny-teachers-cornerTeacher’s Guide

We have a unique set of offerings to help your students learn to share the happy. From free discussion guides to affordable, interactive & engaging card games, we’ve got your classroom covered!

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