Written by a family therapist to teach valuable lessons about friendship, leadership and teamwork, the 40-minute musical is a positive and powerful response to growing concerns about bullying and exclusion.

Performed by kids for kids, the storyline promotes participation over perfection and cooperation over competition. When the show opens, Gracie wakes up with big plans because her best friend’s birthday is only one day away. She wants to do everything herself because she wears too many hats, juggles too many things and fancies herself the “Can-Do Queen.” But when Gracie faces the possibility that she’s a greedy giver, she learns to share the jobs, the hats and the happy that comes when everyone gets involved.

The musical is part of a comprehensive SHARE THE HAPPY program that invites children into the process of giving and a “Do Good-Feel Good Spiral” that takes on a life of its own. It feels good to do good which inspires more doing and feeling good. People who feel good tend to build others up rather than tear them down. It’s that simple. Happy people build healthy communities! Young leaders will learn that everyone should have a seat at the table, a place on the team and a role in the planning.

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The cost of a local performance is $800 with an optional Q & A with cast and author book reading package. Price per show will be adjusted for more than one performance on the same day.

Want to purchase a local performance?

RENTAL & ROYALTY PACKAGE available for groups wishing to produce Greedy Gracie Shares the Happy. Ideal for Children’s Theatre, School Plays or Traveling Groups.

Direct requests to info@GreedyGracie.com


The story was right on target with our “Bucket Filling” initiatives.
Mrs. R. Singel, First Grade Teacher and Cultural Arts Liaison, Harrison Avenue School, Harrison, NY
When we now ask children to perform classroom tasks, we invite them to choose a friend to help.
Jody Glassman, Pre-School Director, Scarsdale, NY
The feedback I received…GREAT!  The principal thought it was one of the best performances she has seen at the school.
Cultural Arts Chair, PTA, Fulton Avenue School #8, Oceanside, NY