The Rockwell Trap

Now that visions of sugarplums and Norman Rockwell scenes are dancing in our heads, it’s not unusual for grown-ups to hold onto idealistic and specific images of holiday comfort and joy. Whether our parents succeeded in bringing painting-worthy traditions to fruition or failed miserably, many [...]

Too Many Cooks?

I remember the first time I hosted Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and aunt looking over my shoulder (they, along with their sisters, were my combined inspiration for Aunt Bossy!). Comments about excessive butter dripping down the bird and my father-in-law’s approach to making gravy [...]

What Are You Waiting For?

With the promise of spring in the air, my thoughts drift to the long-awaited ground hog and his shadow. The notion of waiting has always intrigued me, because I’ve never been very good at it. I pay close attention to the ways in which people [...]

Light Workers

I recently had the pleasure of working alongside 7 other women to unpack a friend’s kitchen. I imagine that we were her “Table of eight:” The first hands women reach for in time of need. We formed an assembly line to unpack, wash, dry and [...]

24-Hour Rule for College Visits and Life

With kids back at school and fall schedules in full swing, I’ve found myself involved in dozens of conversations about college visits. I decided to share a valuable lesson I learned on my first college visit: The 24-Hour Rule.

The Feedback Sandwich by Jeanne Rollins

I thought I’d heard it all on the topic of entitlement but it seems I missed out (or shall I say our kids missed out) on what a colleague recently referred to as the “Feedback Sandwich.” While our kitchen was known for the Day-After-Thanksgiving Sandwich [...]

Table Talk: A Time of Refuge

Meal times should be peaceful and a time of refuge. We all need a safe haven where we can hang our hats, put up our feet, and dare to be ourselves. It’s important that our homes and, in particular, our tables be gathering places for [...]